Porosity and Why it Matters!

Concrete pavers are porous. Porous is defined as the amount of air that moves through the material. To help visualize this you can think of a concrete paver as a sponge. There are many small holes that go through the paver.

Why does this matter you’re probably asking yourself. Vacuum lifters work by creating a negative pressure. If you are consistently losing this negative pressure through the pores of the material you will never create suction!

At MQuip we mainly define our products in two categories. Natural stone lifters and paver lifters. Our natural stone vacuum equipment is powered by battery. The vacuum pumps that are used in these products can operate on DC (battery) power. With stone being much more dense than pavers you don’t have to worry about porosity. Our paver lifters are powered by electrical cords. The motors in these units move much higher volumes of air. So the goal here is to suck more air than the air being lost through the concrete paver. If you are installing concrete pavers I would recommend looking at the Blizzard, Turbo M, or Turbo H! If you have any other questions about porosity or any of our paver lifters, reach out to our sales team via email info@mquip.com

– Jacob