Vacuum Lifters for Concrete Products

At MQuip we like to break our equipment down into two categories. Concrete lifters and natural stone lifters.

When it comes to dry-cast concrete there’s one really important feature you need from your vacuum lifter. That feature is air volume. Dry-cast concrete is porous, which means you can suck air right through the material. In order to create suction on this material you need to be ‘sucking in’ more air than you are losing through the pores of the concrete product.

All of our equipment in this section uses the most powerful motors that are on the market, so you can rest assured than you are purchasing the most powerful and rugged piece of equipment on the market!

Although this category says vacuum lifters for concrete. These products will work on natural stone as well. The difference between natural stone and dry-cast concrete is the porosity of the material. Click here for a more in depth explanation on porosity and its importance in the vacuum lifting industry.