The fact is that there are hardly any industries that don’t need to relocate heavy materials sooner or later, at some level of their operation. Only MQUIP provides the diversity of technologies that are needed by landscapers, commercial construction teams, heavy equipment operators, metal workers, window and cladding fitters, crane operators, and home builders. Not only will our products give you a greater return on your investment, but they’re also environmentally friendly.

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You’re short on time, and can’t do everything by hand around your property, right? Besides, weekends should be for fun, not work, right?

Take a look at our manned vacuum lifting equipment to ease your pain – and significantly cut down the time your project takes.

And hey… You’ll spend far more time enjoying your project than you spent installing it.

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Manned Vacuum Lifters

Pavers are trending to be larger and heavier, so why not use a manned vacuum lifter to ease this transition to larger materials?

Not only are your installation times going to increase and therefore put more money in your pocket, but you and your team are going to go home happier and healthier – these are the reasons why you invest in a vacuum lifter.

Checkout our manned oriented vacuum lifters that can help you on your next job!

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Machine Oriented Vacuum Lifters

Machine operated vacuum lifters are ideal for any job-site with access to a mini ex, skid steer, or any material handling equipment that you can hang a vacuum lifter from.

Give our machine oriented vacuum lifters a gander – these vacuums are made to lift HEAVY!

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Paving Material

Paving Material comes in many sizes and weights, but the industry trend is that the pavers are getting bigger! Why not use the appropriate tools to ease and speed up install, increase site safety, and prevent damage to the material.

The vacuum lifters listed in this category are very specific. Depending on how the concrete is cast, it can be very porous, because of this our corded vacuum lifters draw high volumes of air to compensate for porous materials.

If you install pavers, these are the products for you!

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Natural Stone

Landscaping can bring developers all sorts of challenges depending on the individual characteristics of any given property. Ground that is uneven can present risks and challenges for moving things by hand or dolly.

MQuip has the vacuum lifting products to make your outdoor landscaping project successful, effortless and safe.

Spare your back. Trust vacuum lifting attachments from MQuip to make your landscaping vision a reality.

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