The Butler is a perfect unit for landscapers looking to move square cut natural stone slabs!

  • The Butler has a 440 lb lift capacity when equipped with the proper sized pad
  • It is a battery powered vacuum lifter, so there is no need for any electrical cord or pneumatic lines running behind the unit
  • It features pressure sensors to shut off the vacuum pump when it is in its ideal pressure range to preserve battery
  • You will get a full days of work on a single charge- just plug it in at night so it is ready to go tomorrow
  • It features height adjustable handles so everyone lifts from an ideal location- reducing the strain on your lower back
  • There is a crane eye for lifting larger slabs or small stair treads with machinery
  • Safety features include an audio vacuum alarm, visual vacuum gauge, safety vacuum reservoir, and a battery life percentage on LED screen

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Check out a demonstration video of the Butler on our Youtube page!

The Butler is a battery powered unit, that has a lifting capacity of 440lbs.  It has a range of options in pad dimensions that make it useful for different sized material. The Butler is effective in the handling of stone, metals, glass, or any non-porous material. This unit can be used as a manned unit, as well as with a small excavator in a landscape application or with a lifting yoke – making the Butler a very versatile vacuum lifter!

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