Archback Maxi

Archback Maxi is the ultimate natural stone mover

  • The Archback Maxi is the larger version of the Archback Mini
  • It is a self-contained unit, that is powered by battery
  • The Maxi has a max lifting capacity of 4,400 lbs
  • It offers a thicker seal, which allows it to achieve vacuum on rougher surfaces
  • It features dual vacuum pumps, which increases its air flow
  • It is designed for machined operation
  • It will lift natural stone, wet-cast concrete, or any non-porous material
  • There is a variety of pads for the Maxi ensuring there is a pad that suits your needs

Email if you have any further questions about the Archback Maxi

The Archback Maxi weighs 130 lbs, which makes it heavier compared to it’s 38 lbs little brother the Archback Mini. This unit will appeal to landscapers who are moving material heavier than 2,200 lbs regularly with rough surfaces. If you need help choosing which unit is best for you, give us a call or send an email!

Check out our Archback Maxi in action on Youtube!

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