The Beta is a lightweight; bettery-powered vacuum lifter that has a one or two-man option!

  • The Beta features a strong aluminum construction with all components safely packaged within a compact casing.
  • It is designed to lift non-porous materials like granite, bluestone, and other types of natural stone
  • It is capable of lifting 220 lbs with standard options.
    • Optional larger vacuum pad that will increase its capacity to 330 lbs.
  • IT has a quick release vacuum lever to to maximize efficiency.
  • The lithium-ion battery has no memory and allows for operation of approximately 3 hours with a charge time of 2 hours
  • Optional one or two-man handle set
    • Height adjustable from 18″-27″
    • Spread is adjustable from 38″-54″ (two-man)
  • Standard equipment includes a moisture trap, pressure gauge, and a secondary battery
  • Optional equipment includes spare seals and larger suction pad for greater capacity

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