The Manolay is a two-man solution for lifting and placing porous concrete slabs!

  • Manolay is an AC-powered vacuum turbine unit that is built for two-man operation.
  • The Manlay was developed for the primary purpose of being able to lift porous materials such as dry-cast concrete slabs.
  • The unit is construction of galvanized steel, aluminum, and composites.
  • It has a max lifting capacity of 200 lb (90 kg).
  • The handles are height adjustable ensuring an ergonomic working position that can also be folded up for transport.
  • The vacuum pad is a malleable foam material that allows the unit to get vacuum on rough surfaces
  • The Manolay weighs 40 lbs
  • It gets reliable suction (within 0.5 seconds) on a very porous slab

Why would I buy a vacuum lifter that I have to drag an extension cord behind me, when there are battery powered lifters on the market?

Many of the concrete slabs made by manufacturers today are too porous for low-flow vacuum lifters. You need the airflow pulling from the vacuum lifter greater than the airflow escaping through the pores of the slab. Some examples of porous slabs from different manufacturers include Blu grande from Techo-Bloc, Umbriano from Unilock, and Mega Melville from Permacon. Battery-powered vacuum lifters are generally powered by a low-flow vacuum pump, which limits these units success on porous materials. The Turbo M, Turbo H, and Manolay are MQuip’s solution to this issue. These units have a much higher airflow, which allows them to have success with even the most porous concrete slabs on the market. The downside to these units is the annoyance of dragging an extension cord behind you. We do offer gas powered units that allow the unit to be independent of any external power source. If this is something that intrigues you send us an email to and ask for more details on a self-contained vacuum lifter that are built for porous slabs. Expect a heavier/bulkier unit with a higher price tag!


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