MK2 is the ultimate natural stone installer:

  • The unit weighs only 50 lbs with a max lifting capacity of 3,000 lbs and can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications
  • It is a self-contained, 18v li battery powered unit, meaning you can leave your electrical cords and air hoses back at the shop
  • It is designed for machined operation, but it can also be used two person application with its optional handleset paired
  • It will lift natural stone, wet-cast concrete, or any non-porous material
  • There is a variety of vacuum plates available for the MK2 to ensure versatility

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The MK2 is new for 2021 and has set the vacuum lifting standard for the hardscape industry. The MK2 features a new improved design, increased performance, capable of vertical installs, and interchangeable 18 volt lithium ion batteries. Due to the MK2’s light weight design, 3,000 lb lifting capacity and its robust build quality, it has quickly become a staple for landscapers and hardscapers installing non porous material like natural stone. Contact us if you think an MK2 can help you on your job site today!

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