Micro features a compact design, but all the necessary features to get the job done

  • Micro is a self-contained 18 volt battery powered lifter capable of lifting 1,000lbs of a non-porous material
  • The Micro offers a fixed 60/30cm vacuum plate
  • It is designed for both machine and a two person application with the Micro’s optional two person handleset equipped
  • It will lift natural stone, wet-cast concrete, steel, glass, or any other non-porous material

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New for 2022, the Micro is basically the smaller brother to the MK2. The Micro packs similar features of the MK2 into a smaller, more cost effective build – rechargeable 18v lithium ion batteries, along with fixed 60/30cm vacuum plate which is capable of handling up to 1,000lbs lifting capacity. The Micro is a great option if you don’t need lifting capacity of the MK2, but want similar features and performance. Contact us today for a quote!

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