SKDT – a lifter for both vertical and horizontal installs!

  • Our SKDT is a self contained battery powered vacuum lifter that is capable of lifting 2,200 lbs horizontally
  • It features multiple lifting points so material can be lifted horizontally or vertically
  • It is designed for machined operation
  • It will lift natural stone, wet-cast concrete, steel, glass, or any other non-porous material
  • There is a variety of pads available for the SKDT making it a versatile unit for both smaller and larger lifts
  • It features pressure sensors to shut off vacuum pumps when it is in its ideal pressure range to preserve battery life
  • The SKDT safety features include an audio vacuum alarm, visual vacuum gauge, and safety vacuum reservoir

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Our SKDT is very comparable to the Archback Mini. It uses the same vacuum pump, battery, and has the same lifting capacity as the Archback Mini. It features multiple lifting points that allow it to lift vertically- something the Archback can not do. The pad selection isn’t as large as the Archback Mini’s.

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