Lifting Equipment

MQUIP is the North American leader in vacuum lifting attachments that provide effective material-moving solutions and a higher return on investment for customers across a range of industries. Our products use vacuum suction in place of traditional methods, typically including harness straps and chains to lift heavy landscaping and construction materials, like stone, concrete, metal, tubing, and cladding, with greatly reduced risk to materials and personnel.

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Crane Attachments

Our vacuum lifting crane attachments can be fitted to an always-expanding array of heavy lift and construction equipment with custom and universal fittings that are used every day in a growing number of industries.


Forklift Attachments

Sometimes a forklift can be the best and quickest way to get something done, making our vacuum lifting attachment for forklifts an ideal compliment to this trusty utility stand-by.


Pipe Handling

Large utility piping can be difficult and dangerous to move around because of its shape. Do away with the hassle of additional restraints, harnesses, and time spent by personnell.


Civil Engineering and Site Use

Our vacuum lifting attachments and smaller systems can often be found providing the backbone of civil projects. Our products are ideal for moving or replacing both concrete and natural stone materials.


Custom Vacuum Lifting Solutions

Sometimes it’s necessary to move a curved or irregular surface, such as a machine component, or a concrete form for construction. We deliver custom vacuum lifting solutions for these unique challenges as well.


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