Hardscaping isn’t easy! With heavy concrete slabs becoming more popular, combined with a labour shortage, find out how our equipment can help ease installation while increasing efficiency.

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Vacuum Lifters for Concrete Products

Pavers and slabs are getting bigger to the point where vacuum lifters are becoming a necessity over a luxury.


We hear it all the time – it is impossible to keep or to find good workers. Our vacuum lifters will change team morale on the job site and help you keep your skilled workers!


View our equipment geared for concrete pavers here!

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Vacuum Lifters for Natural Stone

Natural stone can be tricky. Its textured, stone comes in varying thicknesses, and its also expensive.


Our vacuum lifters will make moving stone safe and easy. So you can make sure your base is perfect, your joints are tight, and you don’t spend all day doing it!


View our equipment geared for natural stone here!

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